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Plage d'Amante

It is our ambition to further develop the Plage d’Amanté brand and to further develop our three businesses, Relax, Sports and Kids, each with their own individuality. In this way we create a unique day at the beach for every target audience. Even when our customers are back home, we want to give them the feeling of the beach with our “Amanté” webshop.

Plage d'Amante Relax

Here young and older couples can relax 100%, to enjoy themselves in the purest form. A place where you are warmly welcomed, with quality drinks, and where service comes first.

Plage d'Amante Sports

Sport enthusiasts can fully enjoy themselves here during a game of petanque or darts. Where you can enjoy a nice aperitif with friends afterwards. A place where everyone feels good and where sport brings people together.

Plage d'Amante Kids

Children are king here! Parents enjoy watching their children play, selling their homemade flowers, … Everyone feels part of the Amanté family.

Drinks on our beaches

We offer our customers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on our beaches. Every year we try to be innovative and offer something slightly different and more special.

All beers contain max. 6.5% alcohol and we do not sell spirits. In this way we respect the regulations of the municipality.

Hungry? Don’t hesitate to ask our take away options at the bar or hop in at Plaza d’Amante on the promenade for a quick bite.

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