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Plage d'Amante

We warmly welcome you at our private beach and bar:
Plage d’Amanté, a place where you can relax on one of our sunbeds, enjoy one of our great cockails or just enjoy the good things in life at the beach!

Our Plage is open from April till the end of September every day when its not raining!

Hungry during the day? No worries, you can order at the bar a limited selection of our menu from Plaza d’Amanté!





Rather have something more? Just a few steps away you can find our lifestyle boutique & foodbar Plaza d’Amanté

Looking for a souvenir to take back home as a reminder to your holiday? Feel free to drop by our lifestyle boutique where you can find a great variation of items!

Even when our customers are back home from a day at the beach, we want to give them the feeling of their holiday with our “Amanté” webshop.

rent your sunbed

Sunbeds & Cabins

Looking to rent sunbeds for the day? No stress, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your day at the beach in a few moments!

  • Pass by the bar when you arrive
  • Pay for your sunbeds & umbrella
  • Receive a colour bracelet as proof that you paid
  • Choose your preferred sunbed/location
  • Attach the colour bracelet to the sunbed
  • Lay down and Enjoy!
Looking to rent sunbeds for a longer period
Ask more info at the bar or mail us at hello@plagedamante.be
If you would like to reserve sunbeds for a particular day please fill in the form below.


Are you interested to have your own cabin at the beach? Please fill in the form below and we will contact you once we have free space.

Reserve beach bed

Reserve beach cabin

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What's on the menu?

We offer our customers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on our beaches. Every year we try to be innovative and offer something slightly different and more special.

Hungry? We got your covered!

Don’t hesitate to ask our take away options at the bar or hop in at Plaza d’Amante on the promenade for a quick bite, lunch or dinner on the beach with an amazing sunset!

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