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Beach chairs, sunbeds and umbrellas

Beach chairs, sunbeds and umbrellas are the heart of our business. When a customer arrives, they can rent a chair, sunbed and/or umbrella at the bar. After payment, the customer receives a strap that he/she attaches to the chair, bed or umbrella. This allows us to quickly and efficiently check whether everyone has paid without having to disturb people.

For all reservations please complete form below:

Important to know:

  1. Reservations can only be made till 20h00 the day before. Any later request will not be adressed.
  2. Reservations will only be held till 13h00 noon and afterwards be released

When you have made a reservation for your seats you can pass by the bar for payment and  to receive your payment proof strap to attach to your sunbed, chair and/or umbrella.